Grow To Learn Mini Grants

Grant season is upon us and why not take advantage!? Grow To Learn Mini Grants are officially open and now’s your chance to help your school garden continue to prosper and thrive for seasons to come! New to grant writing or would like a refresher? No problem! Below find our top 3 helpful tips to get you on your way:


  1. Your school must be up to date and registeredwith Grow To Learn. This includes making sure all contact(s) and school information, Principal’s letters, and garden maps are up to date and accurate. Please take a few moments to sign inand update any missing information. For more information on how to register your school with Grow To Learn, click here.


  1. Create a strong, shared vision of what your garden will be. Be sure to include the views of all teachers, staff, parents and students looking to be involved in the garden. Think about how your vision can translate into/be applied in your garden design and use of space.


  1. Track your progress! Schools are required to submit an interim report at 6 months and a final report at the one year mark of receiving funds. Documenting the progress of your school garden is a great way to see how far your efforts have come and help highlight favorite moments and successes!


Still have questions about the Grow to Learn Mini-Grant? Attend one of our ‘Grant Writing and Garden Planning’ workshops to meet in person with one of our staff members- workshop dates are scheduled throughout October.

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