How To Re-Register Your Garden and Why You Should

With a new growing season is here and we are asking all of our current schools to kindly take a moment and re-register with Grow To Learn. Why? Well, because we would love for you be able to apply for mini grants, supply your garden with the necessary materials, and participate in exciting workshops! Follow the steps below to get you started on your re-registration process now!:

1) Go to the following link to log in by using the original email used for registration and your school garden password.

2) Click the “Add New Registration” button.

3) A new registration form will generate with most of your garden information prefilled. Please check that the information provided is still correct. Amend any changes and add in any new, relevant information.

4) If you haven’t already done so, make sure to upload a copy of a signed “Principal’s Letter of Support” and your Garden Map.

5) Remember to click “Save Registration” after each section to save your work. (Note: clicking “Save Registration” does not mean your registration has been completed).

6) When your registration is complete, click the box that says “Garden Registration is Completed.” And there you have it!

**Please note that we MUST have your school re-registered by January 1, 2017. Your account will be flagged as “Deactivated”  after this date. You can re-active your account at any time by updating your garden registration, but remember…you won’t be able to take advantage of available resources until then.**

For a more detailed step-by-step guide on garden registration, click here.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at

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