The Bronx Salad Toolkit

Interested in growing a fun, delicious salad with ingredients that students can grow themselves and will actually like? Check out The Bronx Salad Toolkit for Schools, created by Bronx Health REACH and Grow to Learn NYC, to learn how to make the salad in your school. The Bronx Salad, which is currently being offered at a number of Bronx restaurants, includes mixed greens, plantain chips, avocado, mango and corn, among other ingredients showcasing the diverse cultures and palates that exist in the Bronx. The toolkit includes an adapted recipe and planting guide.  Schools are encouraged to include additional ingredients that represent their unique school community, including ingredients that can be grown in Bronx school gardens. Download your Bronx Salad Toolkit here- click the green arrow to access a pdf copy of the kit, and start growing in your school!

Grow to Learn provides seeds and seedlings for each Bronx Salad ingredient in giveaways throughout the spring. Sign up for seed and seedling give-aways on our events calendar.

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