Project Localize: Calling All GtL High Schools!

This Fall 2016, Grow to Learn is excited to partner with the Lexicon of Sustainability and their program “Project Localize” to offer a year-long environmental education program opportunity to our registered high schools, specifically for 11th and 12th grade classrooms.

Read the full description and requirements below, check out the attached PDF timeline document, and then apply to be considered for the program by filling out this brief interest form.


One INFO SESSION with Lexicon of Sustainability Staff will be held at the GrowNYC offices on: Thursday, September 29, 5pm-6:30pm. Register here for the info session.


Project Localize is a project based learning curriculum that provides teachers and students with tools to map their food systems, identify local producers and their sustainable practices, then turn their findings into information artworks to share with their community. During the 2016-2017 school year, GrowNYC’s Grow to Learn Citywide School Gardens Initiative will support teachers to implement the Project Localize framework with their high school classrooms. Grow to Learn is currently accepting applications for NYC high schools interested in participating in the program. Watch a video about the program, view some of the informational artworks, or read through some of the curriculum materials at the Project Localize web page here.

Project Localize is a classroom curriculum, but it is also a service learning project that teaches young people how to participate with and promote the sustainable economic, cultural and social progress already happening in their communities. Students begin by researching what happens in a food system and they localize that knowledge by conducting interviews with food producers, farmers, and key stakeholders in the region before finally transforming this information into artworks that illustrate what sustainability looks like in their own community. This project-based learning experience concludes with a civics lesson that outlines community organizing through a series of student led pop up shows and public events that puts both a name and a face on local food in their communities. Students are exposed to local companies and organizations that have potential internship opportunities for graduating seniors.

As part of this program, teachers/schools will receive:

  • Access to the full Project Localize curriculum and teaching materials.
  • External support: regular site visits from a Grow to Learn staff member and at least 2 technical assistance phone calls with Lexicon of Sustainability staff members.
  • Invitations to the final showcase of informational artworks for participating students, schools, and families.

Project Localize combines community outreach and interviews with the development of informational and explanatory digital art pieces. In order to be able to fully participate in this program, teachers/schools must have:

  • Computer Lab with internet access
  • Computer program: Photoshop (via student Adobe accounts)
  • Permission to take students on a minimum of 2 field trips
  • Access to 4 digital cameras per class (8 megapixel minimum)
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