For projects that require a level of detailed information and planning, the Grow to Learn team has developed a series of toolkits. Download our raised bed building toolkit for step by step plans, NYC specific material sourcing, and pricing guides. No outdoor space? Check out our indoor growing guide for information on types of systems, indoor considerations, and cost break downs.


The Bronx Salad Toolkit

Interested in growing a fun, delicious salad with ingredients that students can grow themselves and will actually like? Check out The Bronx Salad Toolkit for Schools, created by Bronx Health REACH and Grow to Learn NYC, to learn how to make the salad in your school. The Bronx Salad, which is currently being offered at a […]

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Aquaponics Toolkit from Oko Farms

Explore aquaponics! This soil-less growing system is a closed loop environment that creates a symbiotic relationship between plants and fish. Thanks to Oko Farms for sharing this great toolkit!

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Bench and Table Construction Plans

Looking to build an outdoor classroom? Look no further! Download these plans for simple bench and table construction to create some outdoor seating or an outdoor learning space for your students! These plans are for a 5ft bench and a 4×6 ft. table. Lumber needs: Bench: 1 2x10x10 1 2x6x10 Table: 2 2x4x8 * 12 […]

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Indoor Gardening Toolkit

For all the schools with no outdoor space, there are still lots of indoor gardening options! This toolkit will walk you through everything from low or no cost options to full classroom hydroponic labs with NY Sun Works.

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Sub-Irrigated Planter Toolkit

Why use sub-irrigated planters (SIPs)? Lower maintenance watering schedule Because sub-irrigated planters water from below the plants, water doesn’t evaporate from the soil surface.  Watering from below means that when you do water, it lasts longer, meaning that the number of times you need to water per season can be drastically reduced.  This is good […]

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Harvesting toolkit

Not sure what the best technique is for harvesting baby greens? Uncertain about how to know when those carrots or radishes are really ready? Have a glut of beets and unsure how to prepare them for a tasting? This quick and visual harvesting toolkit has answers to all those questions and more. Learn about some […]

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Raised Bed Toolkit

Why raised beds? There are lots of advantages to gardening in raised beds, particularly in a school garden. Some advantages are: Preventing contact with contaminated city soils Much of the soil in New York City contains unsafe levels of lead and other contaminants, which makes working in the soil or eating plants grown in the […]

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