About Grow to Learn NYC

The Citywide School Garden Initiative

The Citywide School Garden Initiative was established in 2010 as a public-private partnership between the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, GrowNYC, and several government agency partners. The Mayor's Fund, GrowNYCNYC Department of Parks and Recreation's GreenThumb division, and Department of Education's Office of SchoolFood manage day-to-day operations, providing a centralized location for coordinating fundraising, management, training and promotion of Grow to Learn's efforts throughout New York City.

Our efforts are focused on coordination, collaboration and communication with government agencies, non-profits, private corporations, teachers, schools, parents, kids and individuals who impact or want to support public school gardens. 

We recognize that school garden programs come in many sizes, shapes and locations including classrooms, schoolyards, rooftops, and in partnership with urban farms or community gardens.

Our goal is to see that every New York City public school student has the opportunity to get their hands into the soil -- and learn and grow. 

Grow To Learn NYC Sponsors make all our work possible in part through their generous gifts and support of New York City School Gardens.